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Big Print Gets Attention

Signs may very well be the oldest form of mass communication. Long before television or the Internet, early humans drew on the walls of caves to communicate information about hunting and migration of the herds. Early billboard advertisements for local businesses can still be seen in the ruins of Pompeii.

Wine Shop Sign in Pompeii

What's surprising is that through all of the centuries of advancing technology, basic signs still are a powerful way to communicate a clear message. Why else would politicians spend so much on campaign signs? Signs are everywhere – inside trains and buses, on the roadside, and inside your place of work. You probably even have signs on your refrigerator at home.

Basically, signage is big print that gets attention. While the concept hasn't changed much over the years, the process of making signs and displays certainly has. Printers call the process wide format printing, a broad term for a bunch of different products. What you need to know is that it's possible to print on fabrics, vinyl, adhesives, paper, plastics – there are a bunch of alternatives for a million different applications.

Sphinx Business Solutions has put together an entire catalog of big print products that you can use to promote your business or organization. From basic A-frame signs to elaborate trade show displays, Sphinx can help you design and source big print products that display your brand and message colorfully and effectively.

Some Favorite Sign and Display Products

Here are just a few of our customers favorite products. Make sure to look through our full Signs, Banners and Displays Catalog to get some more great ideas!

Retractable Banners

Lightweight and easily transportable, retractors are a good idea for anywhere you need to make a large and colorful impression. Retractors are available in a wide range of sizes for interior and exterior applications. Display graphics can be easily changed in most models. Retractable banners are very affordable. Our 31.5" economy retractable retails for less than $300.

Trade Show Booths and Popup Displays

Check the catalog for hundreds of trade show options. Backdrops, popup displays, panel displays and splash displays offer easy transport and affordable price points. There are lots of choices. We'll be glad to help you with art and the right configuration for your convention and exhibit needs.

Table Throws

Table coverings are great for trade shows, events, or anywhere you may need an quick attractive display for your business or organization. Check the catalog for spot color and full color options. Most of the throws in the catalog are machine washable, and there are several options available for quick shipment.

A-Frames and Boulevard Banners

Simple A-Frame signboards are a great way to promote, either in-store or outside. Sphinx offers several versions of this display mainstay and can provide replacement graphics as needed.

Boulevard Banners are a colorful exterior addition for brick and mortar locations. With a variety of sizes and hardware configurations are available in single units or with large quantity discounts for neighborhoods, colleges, or municipalities.

Plain old Coroplast Yard Signs

Good for campaigns, events, or just to promote your business or organization in a visible way. You'll need an attractive and noticeable design and we can help with a range of sizes and options for quantities from one to thousands.

Make sure to look through the entire Sphinx Sign, Banner and Display Catalog for lots of New Ideas!

Please Note: Design, freight, and setup charges apply in addition to catalog prices. Please call for an estimate.