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Sphinx Proof Policy

It is the policy of Sphinx, Inc. to require a proof approval for any project that involves creation or production of new artwork or changes to old artwork. Proofs will be provided to our customers as a .pdf file. Accuracy of the final printed product is the customer’s responsibility. It is therefore very important to read proofs carefully. Please pay careful attention to:

  • Typesetting and Spelling
  • Fold lines and finished composition
  • Phone Numbers and Addresses
  • Page Positioning and Order
  • Fonts,boldness and clarity of type
  • Photography and Captions
  • Quantities, Paper Selection and other Specifications

You may respond to your proof with one of the following replies:

  • OK to Print
  • OK with Changes (please list changes)
  • Another Proof Requested

Changes are considered Author’s Alterations and will be billed at Sphinx Inc.’s standard design rates according to time required. Sphinx may require a final proof if changes are complex or detailed.

About Color:

Soft proofs (.pdf proofs) may not accurately represent the final color of the printed document. If Pantone colors are specified, we will match ink color to a certified Pantone swatchbook. Our digital and offset process color standards are pleasing color. In general, pleasing color will be similar to proof colors, but not an exact match.

Order Generated Proofs:

Sphinx’ online ordering system may be setup to automatically generate proofs that incorporate information entered from a customer ordering site. All proof policies apply equally to order generated proofs and It is important to review them carefully. Order submission indicates final proof approval, unless specific change requests accompany the order.

Hard Copy Proofs:

Hard copy proofs may be requested by the customer or provided by Sphinx for approval of folding or finishing. Additional charges may be incurred for hard copy proofs.

Proof Waivers:

Proofs may be waived in writing by the customer at the time of order. Proofs are waived for all exact reprints unless other specific instructions are received from the customer. Sphinx will print from art provided by the customer or match the most recent version of a previously printed project. If proofs are waived, customer bears all responsibility for errors or omissions in files or art provided to or created by Sphinx, Inc., including previously printed archive files.

Proof Terms

Customer’s agreement and approval constitutes the TOTAL and FINAL APPROVAL to print the job as it appears on the proof. Sphinx makes every effort to eliminate mistakes in our prepress process, but oversights and omissions do occur. You have the FINAL RESPONSIBILITY for review to ensure that there are no errors. What you see on the proof is what you will receive when your job is printed. The cost of printing and modifications for reprints required to amend, correct, or alter the content of your final proof will be charged to you. Reprints due to errors or omissions not indicated on your final proof will be charged to you.