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Ever wonder about the history of the "little black book?" Here's the story. Pocket planners date back to the 18th century. George Washington carried an almanac, and Ben Franklin printed one. Hugh Hefner's little black book is in a museum. Read the article to find out more and learn why calendars and planners are still very relevant today.

Ever wonder how the U.S. tax code got so complicated? Here's a brief history and a gentle reminder that it's time to order W-2s, 1099s, and other EOY tax forms for 2016.

Printed posters are still among the best way to promote an event. Here's some interesting history and great tips to design a poster that attracts your audience.

Some offers are just too good to be true. Read more about a couple of famous scams and learn why direct mail marketing should always include a great (and legitimate) offer.

You remember that bossy kid in your neighborhood? The one that ordered everybody around? Most of us have tamed that impulse as adults, but there's one instance when exercising our imperious nature is ok. It's called a Call to Action, and it's an absolutely necessary component for successful direct mail. Read more.

Design is the craft of combining text and art in a way that attracts attention and gets the message across. Cramming too much information into a printed space is a common mistake. An appealing image that provokes thought is a much better idea.

People love to make plans, and it would be excellent if all of them worked. Here's a story about a couple of massive plans that failed miserably and about one that has succeeded for centuries. There are lots of great reasons to include print in your communications plans!

If you're planning your marketing activities for 2016, there are several great reasons to include print in the mix. Print can cut through online static, and it's the best way to communicate detailed information to customers and prospects.