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At Sphinx, we naturally think that the subject of "all things print" is just fascinating. As a group, printers are part "geek" and part "gearhead." We love to know how things work and we're intrigued by every new development, both in the print world and in the wider world of communications technology.

Sure, we understand that you're primarily concerned with the end result. That may be the finished product, but it also should include ways that the product can help your business or organization. Today, this means saving money with digital print runs, personalization, and combining print with other marketing channels.

So, we've included some interesting articles, useful links and industry news for your reading enjoyment. Take a look . . . you're sure to find a new idea that's worthwhile. And visit often! We'll post new links and articles frequently.

Links and Articles

New Ideas - Useful News for Your Business

We put together a quick list of our favorite summer marketing ideas to help you get ready for the hot sales season coming up. Here’s how to prepare for summer marketing.