Direct Mail is Smart Marketing

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There’s money in the Mailbox

While we’re not promising that the postman will deliver a pile of cash, smart marketers understand just how well direct mail works as a part of their campaigns. Direct mail produces and the results are consistent:

  • Direct mail is popular among all age groups.
  • People still enjoy opening the mail – and they share it!
  • Print and direct mail tend to be read more thoroughly. Impressions and ideas are retained by readers.
  • Direct mail generates a multi-channel response, especially when it is used in combination with online marketing strategies.
  • For non-profits, direct mail is still the key component of marketing and fundraising efforts.

These are just a few of the reasons that direct mail should be a part of your organization’s marketing strategy and why Sphinx Business Solutions has put together some valuable information and a nice incentive to help your marketing efforts this Spring.

Six Direct Mail Secrets that Produce Results

Adding direct mail to your marketing mix isn’t difficult (we make it really easy), but there are a few “best practices” that can increase your response rate and the success you’ll achieve with your campaigns. When you fill out the form on this page, you’ll receive our white paper, Getting Results with Direct Mail, and a checklist to make sure that you cover all of the important considerations when you plan your next campaign.

Ben Franklin’s Picture?

Well, not exactly. We’re not giving out $100 bills, but you will receive a coupon worth $100 off your next mailing project with Sphinx Business Solutions. It’s an incentive to encourage you to see just how smoothly your marketing campaigns go when you work with us.

$100 off* your next mailing campaign with Sphinx

Ready to get started?

Just fill out the form to download the white paper, the checklist, and the $100 discount coupon. What could be easier than working with Sphinx to produce successful direct mail marketing campaigns? It’s almost as good as finding money in the mailbox.

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6 Direct Mail Secrets, Plus a Valuable Coupon

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