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"Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

– John F. Kennedy

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Jim Maddox

In 1997, when I first purchased a fledgling printing company with the mysterious name of Sphinx, Inc., there was no question in my mind that print would continue to be the predominate form of communication for businesses. In those days, every business used print. We were just interested in what kinds of print they used. Every town had several printing companies and our principal products were forms, letterhead and envelopes, and the occasional two color tri-fold brochure. Local companies were just beginning to experiment with the internet, but few could imagine the technological advances of the next decade.

It’s been an amazing journey. There’s no need to elaborate on the pace of change or on the ways that it has affected the businesses and organizations we serve. It became quickly evident that the success of our business would not only be contingent on our ability to adapt, but also on our ability to predict the changing needs of our clients. From the start, we focused intensely on our customers, forging relationships that have lasted now for almost two decades.

The age old triangle of product quality, excellent service, and competitive pricing will always be relevant, but those claims certainly aren’t exclusive to Sphinx. Our vision from the outset was to provide solutions for our Middle Georgia customers that would provide real benefits to their operations. Further, we committed to be honest and straightforward in every transaction and every relationship – to make sure that our actions always match our words and to solve problems in a way that benefits our clients.

As we grew the business, we added products and services that met the changing needs of our clients – digital print to enable short runs of complex documents, full color capability, promotional products, and the ability to source large format and specialty print. In 2010, recognizing a need for a responsive supplier in the Middle Georgia market, we added office products and furniture to the Sphinx product mix. Our customers responded positively, welcoming a supplier who could fill large and small orders rapidly and accurately.

In 2014, we re-branded our business, making a simple name change to Sphinx Business Solutions. The new name reflects the expanding scope of our activity. It recognizes the dramatic change in the print industry and our customers’ need for a supplier with the capability of managing product needs that go beyond traditional print. The new name also encompasses an array of business services that we will be adding in the future, starting with the ability to provide direct assistance with business development, operations, and marketing.

One aspect of our business hasn’t changed. It’s our recognition of the importance of listening to you. It’s not good enough to be responsive. We want to be your first choice when there’s a project to do or a problem that needs a solution. We’re committed to doing all that we can to help your business or organization succeed and grow.

Our Mission Statement

Sphinx Business Solutions is committed to developing and providing services and products that assist our customers to operate efficiently and profitably. We endeavor to build ethical relationships that benefit our customers and our employees. We will continue to innovate and seek new opportunities that provide tangible benefit to our clients and assure the long-term viability and growth of our business.